Delicious Colorado Pears!

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We love our pears for their delicately-sweet flavor. The combination of Colorado’s cold nights contrasted with bright, sunlit days concentrates sugars, yielding an exceptionally tasty fruit.

Early in the spring, pears and other Colorado fruit trees start to bloom. However, pear growing and selling in Colorado presents several challenges. Once trees bloom, our orchardists work hard to protect the blossoms from a freeze, undoing months of early-season work. Then, when the pears are harvested, they have a relatively limited amount of time before they brown significantly or turn mushy. Our growers have to work quickly to move this fruit!

At Farmhand Organics, we’re fortunate to be able to buy with surplus produce, like pears, and use them in the preservation process. We also know that “good looks” only go so far. While supermarkets may only purchase the “prettiest” fruits, we can actually use some of these cosmetically-damaged pears in a different, tasty capacity: as sauce!

We currently produce one delicious pear- sauce product: Pear (not apple) Sauce. This pear sauce can be used the same way that you’re accustomed to using applesauces, but with a succulent, pear flavor.

Producing these sauces helps our farmers move otherwise unsellable produce, cut down on agricultural waste, and leaves us with the raw ingredients to make delicious sauce.

That is real saucy.