On a mission to create a better food system, one jar at a time.

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Sustainability is a word thrown around a lot these days.  

To us, it means operating in a way that respects our natural resources so they will last for many generations to come. That’s why we partner with organic, family-run farms. These are the farmers who are enriching their soils through organic practices and biodiverse farming. Not only are these practices best for the health of our planet, but also for our tastebuds – from mouthwatering peaches, to the sweetest kraut cabbage, to perfectly spicy peppers.new-piktochart_19785781_1c21057c8de1c88208a4942feac659c3b834f9f9

From the day we canned our first tomato harvest, our goal has been to grow organic local agriculture in communities across the country.  Organic farming has so many benefits it’s hard to list them all.  It yields nutrient-dense food, creates healthy, living soils, reduces air and water pollution, encourages biodiversity, creates healthier agricultural jobs, and fights the effects of global warming.  Plus, it grows the best tasting food for us to enjoy.

Each of our jars has our signature traceability sticker, so you can see which organic farmer grew the produce that made that jar delicious. We think it’s the next best thing to meeting them face-to-face.

Contrary to the marketing we see in stores, the majority of the food we eat is not grown by small family farms.

In fact, 94% of the produce in the US is grown by the largest 12% of farms. And even more astonishing, 88% of all US farms are small family farms, yet they only account for 3% of all produce sales in the US. And just 1% of all US farms are organic.


So why not support the family-run organic farms across the US that give back to the land and are best positioned to help us create vibrant local and regional food systems?

Join us this year as we create partnerships with more farmers and produce more deliciousness for you to enjoy year round.  Check out what we pickle, preserve, and ferment from their produce.