Our Reason to be is Clear

Full Circle Farms, Longmont, CO

In 2009, we had a big idea that required keeping things small: make small-batch preserved products with the freshest organic fruits and vegetables from local farmers, and in so doing, support the growth of local agricultural communities. We started by partnering with a few organic farms in Colorado and selling our jars of conscious deliciousness at local farmers markets and grocery stores. And now we are growing. And so are the number of farms in our quiver of growers.

Red Wagon Farm, Longmont, CO

Full Circle Farms, Longmont, CO

We are Farmhand Organics. We make deliciously-crafted pickled, fermented, and preserved products using the simplest organic ingredients – from our probiotic line of krauts, kimchis and hot sauces to our single-varietal applesauces, small batch pickles and limited seasonal release products. The only thing we aren’t preserving is our original name: MM Local. Each jar you buy represents a handshake between Farmhand Organics and the farmers we are committed to knowing and supporting. It’s our commitment to you to grow and preserve the food the honest way, so that you can eat the right way.

Farmhand Crop Line