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2 reasons why your body loves those wild, crunchy, fermented foods
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Probiotic foods are delicious, and add a pleasingly sour kick to any food.  But why are they so good for you? We know we can take probiotic pills, which help build the immune system and aid uncomfortable digestive systems.  They are especially good after finishing antibiotics to rebuild the natural ecosystem.  Wouldn’t you rather eat sauerkraut on…

Slow Food Nations
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repost via Join Us at #SlowFoodNations This Weekend! | Whole Foods Market Slow down with the Slow Food Nations festival this weekend, where — as a sponsor — Whole Foods Market® will be celebrating the time it takes to make good, clean and fair food for all. The event, held this year in Denver from July 14-16, packs in…

Is your slaw probioawesome?
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Happy 4th of July! We are celebrating this holiday with family and friends, and we’re bringing one of our favorite sides: slaw. We’ve kicked our regular slaw up a notch by adding our gut-healthy, probiotic kraut to our favorite, super simple slaw recipe. Try it just as it is, or add our kraut to your…