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Cabbage Salad with Honey-Lime-Sriracha Vinaigrette
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We know that you’re busy. Busy doesn’t mean that healthy, delicious dinners need to go by the wayside though! This super refreshing salad is light, packed with flavor, and best of all – SO simple to throw together. The vinaigrette in here is key, so read up!  

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Honey Sriracha Roasted Brussel Sprouts
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In the name of a new delicious way to serve brussel sprouts, we give you: Honey Sriracha Roasted Brussel Sprouts.

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Three Words: Pear. Spice. Cocktail.
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Happy Friday, friends! What better way to finish out this day than with a new craft cocktail. We introduce you to the Pear Spice Cocktail.

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Vanilla, Pear & Vodka: A Cocktail
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Happy Monday, all! We think you deserve a tasty beverage for making it through the first day back at work.

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French Toast with Pears, Almonds & Coconut
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Slow, Sunday mornings call for something special. French toast is one breakfast (or brunch) that can be re-invented many times over, in so many tasty, tasty ways.

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Pickled Beets Slaw
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Beet lovers: we have a fresh new take on your favorite root vegetable. Use pickled beets in a ‘slaw!

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