Simple and traditional sauerkraut with a pleasant tang, a touch of salty sour, with a clean acidic finish.
A clean and bright addition to hot dogs and sandwiches.

Serving Suggestions:
– top hot dogs & brats
– top grilled cheese
– top your fave pizza
– side to grilled pork
– spoon into soups for zest
– top scrambled eggs
– top roasted potatoes
– top breakfast scrambles
– reubens & paninis

INGREDIENTS: organic green cabbage, sea salt

The unique addition of the daikon radish lends a mild, peppery, pop of flavor with a crisp and juicy texture.
Brighter and softer flavor than our traditional kimchi, but fun and robust. Great on rice bowls, burgers and stir fry.

Serving Suggestions:
– aside BBQ
– top stews
– sushi & poke bowls
– rice & noodle bowls
– top ramen noodles
– top grilled salmon
– add to rice & veggies
– use juice to make Asian sauces
– top eggs

INGREDIENTS: organic daikon, organic napa cabbage, organic green cabbage, organic garlic, crushed red chile pepper, organic ginger, sea salt.

The classic kraut tang with added crunch and color. Some say the flavor is deeper and earthier than it’s blonde cousin. The perfect savory crunch and pop-of-color to add to your salad, sandwich or side.

Serving Suggestions:
– salad, rice & buddha bowls
– use as a coleslaw
– add to burritos
– add to cheese boards
– top turkey reubens
– add a spoonful to your salad
– mix into hummus
– add to sandwiches & wraps

INGREDIENTS: organic red cabbage, sea salt

Spice things up with this unique kraut. Take the classic German kraut flavor and spice it up with the taste
of the roasted green chilies. The perfect spicy crunch to add to your burritos, tacos, sandwich or side.

Serving Suggestions:
– add burritos & tacos
– top burgers
– add to sandwiches & wraps
– add to taco salads
– mix with rice & bean
– top enchiladas
– top grilled cheese
– add to quinoa salads
– top quesadillas

INGREDIENTS: organic green cabbage, organic chile peppers, sea salt

Organic Spicy Napa Kimchi Product Info
A classic kimchi with a light spice. Vibrant and refreshing with a zing to brighten your dish. The perfect addition to any Asian dish to get that classic spicy, salty, sweet and sour flavor. Great on rice bowls, burgers and stir fry.

Serving Suggestions:
– top tacos
– eat aside a steak
– add to rice & noodle bowls
– top avocado toast
– add to Mexican style burritos
– mix in beans and rice
– top burgers
– top scrambled eggs
– top stir fry
– mix in mac-n-cheese

INGREDIENTS: organic napa cabbage, organic crushed red chile pepper, organic garlic, organic ginger, sea salt.

Classic German influence in this flavor. Fresh and crunchy with a brightness of caraway. Caraway is said to help calm digestive issues. Combine with the natural probiotics of our live active cultures, and BAM goodness in a jar!

Serving Suggestions:
– top hot dogs & brats
– add to reubens
– top grilled fish
– add to chicken sandwiches
– add to grilled cheese
– top pizza
– use in place of pickles
– add to hummus
– top cheese & cracker snacks

INGREDIENTS: organic cabbage, sea salt, organic caraway seeds