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February 2015

Not Your Average ‘Slaw
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If you’ve had nightmares of coleslaw ladened with an offensive amount of mayonnaise, don’t give up on it just yet – we’ve got a super-light and fresh rendition that is a must-try!

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Sesame Kale Macro Bowl + Kraut with Caraway
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We have been lucky enough to work with Jessie over at Faring Well.

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I Know Tomatoes.
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Let’s rewind a little bit. Think back to the summertime – say mid-September. Colorado was sunkissed, warm and the late summer crops were doing some of their best last-minute work of the 2014 harvest. It was a time of farm-dinners, backyard cookouts during long sunlit days, and weekly farmer’s markets. It was a time of…

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