Kimchi Fried Rice
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Want a delicious way to consume a powerful punch of natural probiotics?  Kimchi is a traditional fermented Korean side dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings that comes with a huge benefit derived from its fermentation process.  Kimchi contains lactobacilli or lactobacillus, a good bacteria, which aids with digestion by balancing the digestive system.…

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Eat Probiotics, Feel Probioawesome
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What’s the natural combination of eating probiotics and feeling awesome? Simple: probioawesome. 2015 is as good a time as ever to feel your best. Eat better. Feel better. Be probioawesome! Why do probiotics actually make you “feel better?” Simple: Food containing probiotics. Probiotics, along with live enzymes, play a huge role in digestion and majorly aid your body…

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New World Latkes
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This recipe was featured on NPR a few years ago in a discussion about the large Jewish population in Mexico City. We added some Farmhand Organics pickled peppers, served with Jonny Applesauce and Pear Sauce and what was once a Passover treat became a staple. Enjoy! Recipe adapted from National Public Radio and Chef Julian…

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Local Food: What is Possible?
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In our popular discussions of local food, it seems to have become increasingly common to claim what is not possible with local food. It is often that we hear about how there is not adequate capacity within local farms to feed populations. Multiple articles have crossed our desks over the last couple of months, speaking…

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High Waters, and the Art of Perserverence
150 150 Farmhand Fermented Foods

It has been amazing to witness our Front Range community come together to support each other over the extraordinary events of the last few days. While Farmhand Organics and our employees have emerged in good shape, a number of our Farming Partners suffered significant losses from the floodwaters in Boulder county. Bonavida Growers and Oxford…

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