Eat Probiotics, Feel Probioawesome

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What’s the natural combination of eating probiotics and feeling awesome? Simple: probioawesome. 2015 is as good a time as ever to feel your best. Eat better. Feel better. Be probioawesome!

Why do probiotics actually make you “feel better?” Simple: Food containing probiotics. Probiotics, along with live enzymes, play a huge role in digestion and majorly aid your body in absorbing the maximum amount of nutrients from your food. Your gut contains different bacterias and enzymes that help break food down, but it could use a little help from time to time. That’s where fermented food comes in action.

Food that has undergone the lacto-fermentation transformation contains these treasured probiotics. When you eat foods with probiotics in them, it helps to replenish and diversify the helpful bacterias in your gut, keeping your body healthy and happy.

Lucky for you, we have plenty of delicious ferments that are chock full of probiotics! We love our bubbling ferments for many health reasons, but mostly for their incredible flavor. From classic kimchis and krauts, to more bold combinations like our Spicy Kale Kim-Chi or our Chili Verde and Spicy Mustard Hot Sauces, we’ve got you covered in the fermentation department. Visit our website to purchase all of your fermented products to help you get a healthy head start in the New Year.

Where Our Ferments Come From


Our ferments would not be where they are now without the cabbage from the good farmers over at Full Circle Farms. As our ferments undergo lacto-fermentation, the local cabbage we use harnesses the local Colorado bacteria that is naturally occurring on the cabbage.

Farmers Mike Meader and David Asbury provide us with great fermenting cabbage that allows us to bubble up our many fermented creations. We love this stuff.

Fermented Food: How to Enjoy It

Hot Sauces

As you acquire and cultivate your fermented taste buds, we have a couple suggestions in using these foods.

Our chile verde hot sauce and spicy mustard can both be used pretty simply. Try the chile verde on your eggs in the morning or in fajitas and tacos. Use the spicy mustard with a juicy, grilled-to-perfection brat. Both these fermented hot sauces bring condiments to a new level: unparalleled complexity of taste and real, nutritional benefit. More real food, less junk.