What’s New in the World of MM Local: Tomatoes!

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Friends, tomato harvest is upon us again! Here in Colorado, we have a small, precious window of time to harvest this ruby red treat. This produce is generally ready for picking around the end of July and extends through the first freeze of the year. The freeze historically hits in the third or fourth week of September, so our farmers and our production team will be working together for the next few weeks to put up as many tomatoes – and peaches – as we can before it gets cold!

Our preserved tomatoes rank high in flavor and nutrient value due to a couple important factors. All of our tomato farmers grow their crops for local consumption here in Colorado, which means tomatoes can stay on the vine longer, optimizing ripeness, flavor, color and nutrient value. Pretty awesome all-around.

We preserve this super-seasonal produce in two varities: our Field Ripe Tomatoes with Basil and our Field Ripe Tomatoes with Rosemary. We can’t seem to preserve enough of these guys. They’re a hot commodity each year, so snap them up while you can…no pun intended. Harvest Share members are also guaranteed the best share of this year’s tomato harvest!

Height of the Harvest


This is a bountiful, beautiful time of year in the world of Colorado produce. Along with the warm weather, fruits and vegetables are out of control right now. We make our products for you to continue enjoying when the freezes and snow start rolling in, but now is the time to enjoy this wonderful produce fresh.

One of our favorite ways to enjoy the bounty of local produce is by browsing farmer’s markets. Super-fresh fruits and veggies, AND you get to meet some awesome personalities straight from the farms themselves. Heck, that succulent peach that you’re digging into could have been picked by the same man who sold it to you.

We’re at the Boulder Farmers Market,The Old South Pearl Street Market, and The Cherry Creek Farmers Marketevery weekend. Come out and enjoy the height of the harvest with us!

Now and Later: Bruschetta 


We’re lucky enough to be getting some of this years tomatoes fresh off the vine right now. One way to take advantage of their full flavor is by mixing up some killer bruschetta for your next dinner party appetizer, or any old afternoon. You can take things one step further by checking out Cured in Boulder orEVOO in Denver for ultra-flavorful and local olive oils and breads to complete the recipe.

For snowy winter months, keep your bruschetta craving at bay by using some MM Local Field Ripe Tomatoes with Basil in place of fresh tomatoes. We preserve our tomatoes at peak ripeness with fresh herbs, bringing you a ton of fresh flavor far past the seasonal restrictions on this produce. We’ve got you covered through the year!