Life is Peachy

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The highly anticipated pallets of peaches are rolling into the HQ! At MM Local, we wait to begin canning peaches until late summer. Our favorite varieties come in later in the season, hanging in trees for a few extra weeks for even richer flavor. The flood is commencing and ton upon ton of delicious Western Slope peaches are rolling through the doors!

Our mission with peaches is simple: to highlight the incredible produce we are given. The farmers we work with let their peaches hang on the branch for as long as possible, boosting overall flavor, nutrient and sugar content. While large-scale peach canners typically work with relatively hard, green fruit because of the exposure to machinery, we can our peaches RIPE. Each peach is gently peeled, sliced and packed by hand.

This prized Colorado fruit hails from two main peach-growing regions in the state: Palisade and the North Fork Valley, specifically in Paonia and Hotchkiss. We use a wide range of traditional canning varieties, including Rosas, Gleasons, Summer Ladies, Angelus, and O’Henry’s, based on what grows well each year. We combine these to make up the complex, oh-so-sweet and tangy bouquet of flavor in each MM Local peach jar.

We have two tasty varieties to choose from: Simply Peaches and Ripe Peaches with Honey. While these are phenomenal straight out of the jar, check out ourPinterest page as well for some peach-tastic recipe inspiration.

This is our Jam: Peach Preserves 


We can’t wait to introduce you to a new peach product: Peach Fruit Spread! Like jam, but lower in sugar with big peach chunks and just a splash of lemon juice, we’re focused on letting the natural peach flavor shine! Our preserved peaches are insanely popular, so we’re excited to bring another peach product to the MM Local family.

The raison d’etre of our peach fruit spread comes for our desire is to minimize the food waste in our canning process. While we strive to use all the peaches that come to us, some are a little too ripe and delicate to can. Instead of tossing them, we’re throwing ‘em into a delicious jam. We. Can’t. Wait.



Warm weather crops are still rolling in! We’re paying special attention to the produce that is more delicate with the approaching colder temperatures of the fall. We’ve got a careful watch on tomatoes, peaches, chili peppers and green beans, as the weather teeters between summer and fall.

This means that the MM Local production warehouse is bustling right now because of bounty of produce that is ripening all at once! We’re working quickly to preserve these summer goods for healthy, local eating throughout the snowy winter months. Our window is short and we’re making the most of it. Here’s to hoping for a mellow, warm transition from summer to fall!