Pear-Thyme Mimosa

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If the title and this gorgeous picture isn’t enough to lure you in, think of the delicate-tasting juice that our Simply Pears from Paonia, CO are nestled in.

…now add champagne and a sprig of thyme. Do we have your attention?

We take great pride in the way that we preserve our produce. While the actual pears in our Simply Pears and steal the show, these jars still have another valuable treat for your taste-buds: the juice. Sweet, delicate-tasting juice that happens to be magnificent in homemade cocktails. Grab a couple friends, follow the simple instructions below and enjoy a refreshing take on a flexible classic: the mimosa.

This recipe and photography was adapted from this original post.


Pear juice from Farmhand Organics Simply Pears
Champagne or sparkling wine, of your choice
A sprig of thyme

Pour 3 oz of pear juice in a glass and add a sprig of thyme. Fill the glass with a sparkling wine of your choice. If you’re making this for a group, combine this in a pitcher and throw in several extra sprigs of thyme!

Sip, smile, enjoy.