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Fermented Food: Then and Now
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Fermented food is touted today for its nutritional benefit – and rightfully so. Recent studies suggest that the human body has in fact evolved to depend on fermented food as a key portion of our diet. And if you’re anything like us, you’ve grown to love the taste of different ferments like kimchis, sauerkrauts, more sauerkraut, sourdough bread, yogurts…

Eat Probiotics, Feel Probioawesome
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What’s the natural combination of eating probiotics and feeling awesome? Simple: probioawesome. 2015 is as good a time as ever to feel your best. Eat better. Feel better. Be probioawesome! Why do probiotics actually make you “feel better?” Simple: Food containing probiotics. Probiotics, along with live enzymes, play a huge role in digestion and majorly aid your body…

Fermenting Fever
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With fall comes fermentation. While produce like tomatoes, peaches and peppers thrive in the warmth of summer, early fall brassicas – including cabbages and other leafy greens – are among those crops that thrive in the late fall. As the days grow short, cabbages sweeten up in the cold, crisp weather.