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I Know Tomatoes.
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Let’s rewind a little bit. Think back to the summertime – say mid-September. Colorado was sunkissed, warm and the late summer crops were doing some of their best last-minute work of the 2014 harvest. It was a time of farm-dinners, backyard cookouts during long sunlit days, and weekly farmer’s markets. It was a time of…

Fermented Food: Then and Now
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Fermented food is touted today for its nutritional benefit – and rightfully so. Recent studies suggest that the human body has in fact evolved to depend on fermented food as a key portion of our diet. And if you’re anything like us, you’ve grown to love the taste of different ferments like kimchis, sauerkrauts, more sauerkraut, sourdough bread, yogurts…

Eat Probiotics, Feel Probioawesome
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What’s the natural combination of eating probiotics and feeling awesome? Simple: probioawesome. 2015 is as good a time as ever to feel your best. Eat better. Feel better. Be probioawesome! Why do probiotics actually make you “feel better?” Simple: Food containing probiotics. Probiotics, along with live enzymes, play a huge role in digestion and majorly aid your body…

Local Food: What is Possible?
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In our popular discussions of local food, it seems to have become increasingly common to claim what is not possible with local food. It is often that we hear about how there is not adequate capacity within local farms to feed populations. Multiple articles have crossed our desks over the last couple of months, speaking…

High Waters, and the Art of Perserverence
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It has been amazing to witness our Front Range community come together to support each other over the extraordinary events of the last few days. While Farmhand Organics and our employees have emerged in good shape, a number of our Farming Partners suffered significant losses from the floodwaters in Boulder county. Bonavida Growers and Oxford…

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things
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With Thanksgiving rounding the corner, holiday shopping and eats are in full swing. We know that you have lots of options, to choose from, which is why we’d like to share some of our favorite local food vendors and merchants. These places won’t disappoint!