Where are Farmhand Organics products sold?

Farmhand Organics products are currently sold at natural and conventional retailers under the MM Local name and will be transitioning new packaging to stores beginning with the probiotics line in November 2017; and nationally at www.farmhandorganics.com by the end of November 2017. Additional MM Local products including apple and pear sauces and pickled fruits and vegetables will be sold under the Farmhand Organics label beginning in 2018.
Suggested retail price for Farmhand Organics products range from $4.99 to $9.99, with the probiotic line of sauerkrauts and kimchis priced from $7.29 to $8.69.

What makes Farmhand Organics different from other pickled and fermented products on the market?

• Simple organic and GMO-free ingredients
• Signature Farm Traceability sticker
• High quality, small-batch products
• Helping organic family farms grow
• Probiotic (sauerkrauts and kimchis)

What’s different about the new brand and packaging?
In agreement with our core value, our jarred goods will become even more transparent – with more clear space on the jar, allowing eaters to see the actual product and for the bold, natural hues of fruits and vegetables to pop out. Our new packaging takes the guess work out of what the product is – with bold product name, clear labels and emphasis on key product attributes – “Probiotic” and “Certified Organic”. A new name and new look allows our company to tell our story more directly as we grow distribution and work with more certified organic family farmers in the U.S.
How did Farmhand Organics get started?
Farmhand Organics began with founder and CEO Jim Mills and co-founder Ben Mustin selling their MM Local products at local farmers markets and grocery stores in 2009. Since then, Farmhand Organics has grown to offer more than 20 products in several regions and online.
Where is Farmhand Organics based?
Westminster, Colorado