Pinnacle Farms

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Pinnacle Farms is 57 acres and is located at the Base of South Mountain as well as 3 other fields in Waddell under the White tanks. Run by Farmette Janna Anderson, it is now known as Pinnacle Farms South, it became Certified Organic in 2015, and is re-developing into a wonderful fruit orchard with over 1000 trees, including peaches and rare Maktoom Dates brought from Iraq in 1910 (which were one of the few living things left after the years of neglect.) In homage to Phoenix’s agricultural past, a citrus orchard in the front of the property with lemons, grapefruits and oranges was replanted. Much of Janna Anderson’s work has take shape in the preservation of the desert Southwest’s diversity – bringing back availability of nearly endangered seeds and finding new uses for them.