Ela Family Farms

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Steve Ela is a fourth generation orchardist, and the Ela-Phillips Family is an institution in the Western Slope agriculture community. Since 1907, generations of Elas have grown delicious fruit on orchards in Grand Junction and the North Fork Valley of the Gunnison River. Carrying in his family’s footsteps, Steve has been a leader in the development of improved organic and sustainable fruit farming. Harkening back to the days of his grandfather, Steve has also been a serious leader in the effort to re-localize food production and sales in Colorado. His farm processes sells almost all the fruit they grow within our state – mostly directly to consumers through a robust farmer’s market and CSA program. Of course the first thing we notice about working with Steve is the flavor of the fruit he grows and picks. His background in soil science and his focus on direct, nearby markets allow Ela Family Farms to consistently grow and pick fruit that is REALLY ripe and REALLY good. We think you’ll enjoy it too.

From apples that bite crisp and are full of flavor nuances to pears and peaches that’ll literally soak your chin with juice, their fresh fruit (in season) are the source for our Organic Simply Peach, Organic Simply Pears, and Applesauces.